Coaching with Lauren

I have owned and run a successful business, been traumatised by a toxic relationship, diagnosed with chronic illnesses and have suffered deep personal loss. I have found my way back using the ontological method. Drawing on personal experience and answering a call to serve others, I would love to help you on your journey with either chronic illnesses, addiction or if you need someone to assist you in navigating through any other challenges you may face. I discovered that thoughts and beliefs have a profound effect on symptoms and function because they actually change the chemicals within your body and brain. Recognising how my thoughts were physically destroying my body was a revelation. Understanding that I’m the only one in control of this process was life- changing. I am here to deeply listen, to understand what is going on with you, and to provide you with the tools to navigate your journey. We will do the work together, so that you never feel alone.


What you can expect

We will work in the domains of language, moods and emotions, and our body and how these three domains are intrinsically linked and cannot be separated.


What you will gain / the outcomes

Armed with my personal experience and training as an Ontological coach, I will partner with you as we journey to recognise and shift unhelpful perceptions and behaviour. As I experienced, these learnings will open up new possibilities towards reconstructing your life and provide a deep understanding of yourself and your illness. You will gain understanding of your body, emotions and language and how they create your reality. You’ll learn to put yourself first, without apology or shame. You will uncover and learn to address the patterns holding you back and create a new one, tailored exactly for you. Coaching empowers you to be proactive in making your health and well-being a priority including making time for activities you enjoy and relationships that leave you happier, supported and more fulfilled.