“I am so grateful for the calm and safe space that Lauren created for me to work through my issues.This space is where I found myself able and motivated to ask the right questions of the what and how of my current circumstances and gave me insight into taking the right steps to the future circumstancesI desired. Invaluable time spent with her.”
– Client

“I had the pleasure of studying Ontological coaching alongside Lauren. Lauren quickly became one of my go-to contacts to process issues that I faced during this time.


I found her coaching skills and natural ability to lend herself to the coaching conversation quite remarkable.

Lauren is a skilled coaching facilitator who provides thought provoking insight as she navigates through her clients various breakdowns. I’ve long admired her personal journey through various health concerns and loss.


I believe that the wisdom she gained from overcoming these hurdles has added to her ability to be the coaching professional that she is.”
– Colleague/Client

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